Thursday, April 22, 2010

The iPad is AWESOME!!!

To quote Steve Jobs, "It just works." Yes, the iPad is an awesome tool, and when paired with the docking station keyboard, typing is smooth and very very fast.

I still need one more app, though--the one for Blogger. :-) So, I'm typing this update from a trusty PC.

Back to the real reason I'm writing today. Chapters 1-2 are in "completed draft" form!!! At a little under 2,000 words, I can estimate that my finished book will be around 30,000 words, which is respectable for a first attempt.

The only question that I have in my mind is whether I should start shopping for an agent today, or if I should wait until I have more of the second draft completed?

Maybe I'll ask someone who's a published author, and I can also check a few discussion boards.

No time like the present!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Slight change of plans

This may sound strange, but.... I never felt comfortable with my laptop, even though I wrote the entire first draft on it. I have no idea why it didn't feel right.

So, I decided to change tactics. I have a new tool and it's running Pages, not Word or Works.

Looking forward to starting Draft #2!