Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Following my new passion

I found a new passion--family history.  It took a few months to find my relatives up through my great-grandparents on all 4 sides.

In the process of this search, I discovered that I'm at least 15/16th Russian heritage, and I know almost nothing about the culture or why my family immigrated in the 1880s.  

Doing a little history research, I've found that it's quite possible that my family came to America to escape the pogroms that were happening in and around Russia at the time.  I do have a small quilt that was literally cut, possibly from wall brackets, so I know that at least one family left in a hurry.

I've also done a little cultural research.  OK, food recipes.  :-)  It's been yummy fun.

Research done, it's time once again to focus on my health and on my writing. 

Hopefully, some of what I've learned will translate into better writing.