Sunday, July 31, 2011

Living Life to get some more ideas

It's always difficult for me to focus on desk-projects in the summer when there are so many other fun things to do, like see movies and go swimming. Spend time with family. Swat mosquitos, swim some more.

I've also just read two great new books. Jacob Wonderbar... By Nathan Bransford, and Supernaturally by Kiersten White. Both are fast-paced middle-grade books. One sci-fi fantasy and the other paranormal fantasy.

I need to unlock the secrets to making a read fast-paced. My book drags a bit in the middle.

Good news is that school starts in 3 weeks, so I might have a little more time to write, because electronics will be silent during homework time. Is anyone else looking foward to school starting again?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A case of writer's block?

My story is languishing on my table in the front hall.  I haven't been completely idle, though.

I've been researching another person's reality.  "Eat Pray Love" was a truly great read.  I loved the self-discovery, the descriptiveness, and the random trails of thought.

Now, applying that to my MC, I need to let her feelings and thoughts flow.  Memories come from everyday occurrences.  I wonder what would happen if more unusual, or alien, happenings filtered into my tale?

Yes, I found my alien lexicon--"Alienology," right on my own book-shelf.  Figures.  I searched far and wide, and the river of knowledge was in my possession all along. 

So, what mental map can I give my MC to deal with the known and the unknown? 

Completely changing topics, Harper Teen has the first 70 pages of "Supernaturally" available for reading, a full 13 days before book release.   Kiersten has done it again--her quirky, train-of-thought, second book in her paranormal trilogy is off to a great start.