Monday, January 30, 2012

The end of coughing

Yes, I'm celebrating!!!  I made it through an entire day with only one coughing fit.  I consider that to be "cured"--horray!

In case anyone's wondering what kept this asthmatic down for nearly a month, the baddie is called Metapneumovirus (meta-numo-virus).  Yup, it's a lower respiratory infection that can send asthmatics and children to ICU.  I wasn't quite that bad, but 3 days in the hospital is enough for anyone to go a little batty.

Speaking of batty, I must be crazy to be playing so much solitaire on my PC.  It stimulates my brain matter, but doesn't get anything productive actually accomplished.  Hmmmmph.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Eating for Brain Power!

What do writers eat? I don't have much luck with creativity when I'm loaded down with cookies, chocolate, and sodas. In answer to a challenge on the Engine2Diet website, here's an ideal day of healthy eating...

Breakfast, veggie stirfry with portabella mushroom. Takes about 10 minutes to make. I have a desk job, so eating lots of carbs first thing in the morning doesn’t work well for me.
Snack, pistachios and a small banana
Lunch, refried beans, sliced tomato and corn chips (baked?)
Snack, raisin bran flake cereal with unsweetened soy milk.
Dinner, pan-fried tofu slices (non-stick spray), steamed greens, corn, and a salad
Desert, an apple or a frozen, 100% fruit pop
And, of course, lots of water.

Yes, I do feel better on the days that I eat like this; need to make sure I have more of these days in 2012!