Saturday, September 3, 2011

Things I've learned this summer

Yes, I've learned a few things this summer. Some of these actually caught me off-guard.

I like reading more than I like writing. I think this is because I can read lightyears faster than I can write.

When the going gets tough, throw in an unexpected plot-twist. It seems to me, that the newest middle-grade books all employ this solution to problems. When the MC is backed into a corner, instead of working through the issue, the situation suddenly changes. I just have to remember that these authors have been published while I am not.

When doing intensive edits, it's disastrously simple to get frustrated and burned-out. Yes, my plans for the summer were sidelined by my frustration, and an intense longing to get healthier. I swam, I biked to nowhere (stationary bike), and I'm on my way to healthier.

Writing a book on an iPad comes with extra distractions. Games, news, etc...

Reading the news helps with writing sci-fi. For example, I learned about vertical gardening, which is very helpful in an enclosed habitat.

I also learned that I really do believe in my story, even though this fall and winter will bring another intensive rewrite. All I need to do is get started.


  1. Good luck, Michelle! I'm glad you learned you believe in what you're writing. That's so, so important.

  2. Still living life--finally taking a few days vacation from work. :-)

  3. Hey Michelle!

    Have you started the rewrite yet? Best of luck!


  4. Not yet, Amy. Will make time soon. Did you know that you live about 30 minutes from my sister?


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