Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Moving right along

Moving right along. Off-worlders, time travel, and a mystery. All the makings of a good Sci-fi story.

Word count is currently at 3300+ and I'm writing the second section of the book. A lot of dialog and descriptions will be added on susequent passes through the book, so the word count will go up (a lot!).

Without giving too much away, the heroine of my story is currently on the afternoon of her first day on New Earth. She's awakened from a nap by a soft rap on the door, followed by the incessant ringing of the doorbell...

The current plan is to zoom through the first pass of book-writing, so that I can print it out for review/comments by my expert editors, aka my sons, who read a lot of young adult fiction--their favorite is dragons. Lots of dragons! My story has no dragons (yet). Maybe I should add a small dragon just to make them happy? I wonder what color my dragon could be? Seriously, though, do I need a dragon?

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