Monday, November 8, 2010

Brain Block -- How Do I Get Past It?

It's been 3 days since I've worked on editing my book.  I'm struggling with what additional obstacles I can add to the story but still keep it PG-rated.

Yes, I have storyboard-ish notecards where I can just "choose one" and then write about it.

Yes, I have a good plotline (at least that's what my Beta readers said), but just not enough of a build to the climax of the story.

Ideas, O' blog-buddies?  How do you handle editing where you must add sub-plots?


  1. Oh goodness, usually I'm trying to strip away the subplots because I have too many! That's my big problem.

    One thing that always surprises me when I write are how the minor character details can ramp up the action in certain spots. I don't think you can fit that kind of thing into an outline because you don't know about it until you're writing the book, so maybe it's just a matter of going back and seeing what little twists those minor characters can provide through their quirks, and fleshing out those quirks to give you the momentum. This is mostly emotional-level stuff, though; it probably wouldn't help too much with action scenes. I don't know if this is helpful, but there you go! :)


  2. Amy, thank you. I'll give your suggestions a try. My story isn't high-action, and my minor characters do need some additional backstory and present-day quirks, so this could work.


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