Monday, January 17, 2011

My Writing Process

Hi, I'm participating in Shallee McArthur's "What's your writing process" blogfest!  See the links at:

My writing process has been a long haul, about 2 years now on the first book, and I have another re-write to do.  I've learned soo much!  I want to share what I did.

1) Have a dream, or idea, for a story.  Just a kernel will do.
2) Research how to write a book in your genre.  I use a couple of out-of-print guide-books by Foster-Harris. 
3) Analyze other "great writers" in your genre.  What works/what doesn't.  What do you like so much that you want to be sure to include something similar in your books?
4) Write first draft without self-editing, then Read your Book!  See my post on How to Start a Story.
5) Revise and send to beta readers.
6) Revise based on beta readers' feedback.
7) Send out a few trial queries.  Give it 3 months.  (I started ideas for my 'book two' during this time period).
8) Send to another beta reader.
9) Revise again (<--this is where I am now!)

Hope this is helpful to you.  Please comment and let me know.  (I moderate comments so it may take a day to appear).


  1. sounds like you have a very structured process.

  2. Thanks for sharing your process! Good luck with your revisions-- sound like you know what your doing to get them done right.

  3. Writing without self editing is hard. It's something I have to get better about on a first draft. Great meeting you! :D

  4. You have a very organised process. I like the idea of researching how to write the book in our genres. And also analysing other great writers in our genres. thanks for sharing.

  5. I like how you research other author's in your genre. Such a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi,

    The writing process is a personal thing: whatever works best and feels right will give good results. ;)


  7. You have a clear idea of your planning. A linear process that should keep you working.You have included the importance of reading. It is easy to over look that during our writing process.

  8. Hi, everyone! Thank you for your comments and for your encouragement. Writing doesn't come easily for me, so I take 'baby steps' to keep moving forwards.

  9. I'm a week late, but catching up on this blogfest now after I finally put my own entry up =)

    Well organized process! Good luck with the last step! :D

  10. sends pretty much exactly how I do it. Lots of revising and revising in the process too!


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