Thursday, July 14, 2011

A case of writer's block?

My story is languishing on my table in the front hall.  I haven't been completely idle, though.

I've been researching another person's reality.  "Eat Pray Love" was a truly great read.  I loved the self-discovery, the descriptiveness, and the random trails of thought.

Now, applying that to my MC, I need to let her feelings and thoughts flow.  Memories come from everyday occurrences.  I wonder what would happen if more unusual, or alien, happenings filtered into my tale?

Yes, I found my alien lexicon--"Alienology," right on my own book-shelf.  Figures.  I searched far and wide, and the river of knowledge was in my possession all along. 

So, what mental map can I give my MC to deal with the known and the unknown? 

Completely changing topics, Harper Teen has the first 70 pages of "Supernaturally" available for reading, a full 13 days before book release.   Kiersten has done it again--her quirky, train-of-thought, second book in her paranormal trilogy is off to a great start.

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