Friday, October 16, 2009

Chapter 1 - Where am I?

This week, the nature of my lead character oozed onto the pages of my notebook. She's not a saint, by any means. This, according to my guidebook, makes her more human, more believable, more real. Her first adventure at the beginning of the book is beginning to take shape. The story opens with a mystery...."Where am I?"

Last week's task on character naming and backstory also continues. Somehow, I think the backstory will come from the nature of the lead character, and not the other way around. Sort of convenient history creation. (Where has this been done before?)

Additional challenges include cleaning up the hard drive and operating system of an old laptop, so that I have somewhere to create and organize the sections that I write, as well as revise, rewrite, and edit to make words come alive. Lazily, I put off writing until the very end of my day. Perhaps as I move further into the story, I will find more motivation to write?

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