Friday, November 6, 2009

Research #3 Wikipedia and Getting Organized

This was not the best of weeks. There, I said it! I'm being honest. I haven't written one new word on my book, though I've thought about it a lot! My Foster-Harris book on plot development, titled "The Basic Patterns of Plot," arrived this week. Challenging reading, so far. Not sure if I understand what he's trying to say. Guess reading for comprehension is best done after a refreshing sleep.

Two other items have been started:
(1) The file structure for organizing a book. People who know me see an organized person on the outside, but let me tell you that this lady is not organized at all. So, the file structure has been set up, and can be changed, if needed. Also, the master index file has been set up, too. Hopefully, I won't get lost if I have a master index file. *wink*

(2) The trial of the file structure was researching Wikipedia. It felt a little silly typing the word, "Wikipedia," into the Wikipedia search box. Truly an amazing history. Loaded with factoids! And, just why am I researching Wikipedia? Well, my book is set in the future, looking back at the near-present, and I want to include as much of our current culture as possible. This could include lots of product placement, though it would require lots of permissions, and has a risk of needing an emergency 'rename" if the vendor does not agree.

(3) Project high-level task list. I'm not a certified project and program mgr for nothin'! Yes, I'll manage myself to project completion. Wow! Did I just say that?

Anyways, I just made 3 items out of 2, so this magician must call it a night. Until next week!

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