Friday, March 5, 2010

I finished the first draft!!!!

After a marathon four hours of writing, the first draft is finally complete! Whoop!!! At almost 20,000 words, it's far short of novel-length, so I shall treat it as a detailed outline with 50% of my writing complete.

After my key editors take first read through, the summer will be for rewriting before my more professional editors receive a copy. Of course, before I send out any query letters, I have to get legal approval from my company. One of the great responsibilities of working for a large coporation is complaince with the code of business conduct, which colors many aspects of my life.

So, what can a sleepy, overworked author do to celebrate? Snuggle with my hubby and watch a movie or two, of course! one of my favorites was hollering to me from the bin at the grocery store--'The Abyss' in an extended version that I've never seen. Should be cool!!!

One other item to note: Thank you to my first blog follower! One of my greatest and best friends of all time.

So little to do and so much time... Reverse that!

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