Friday, March 26, 2010

It's Not Half Bad

...considering that I had mono when I started writing it. Need to fix some of the flow and some of the character names. Flashback memories need to be added. Some forshadowing (foreshadowing?) needs to be added, so that the climax of the story flows better.

As a 100-page outline, it's pretty good. The basic plot and sub-plots flow well, and it's (in my opinion) a very good story.

What can make the tedious job of an entire re-write seem more fun? Maybe some rewards--non-food, of course.

One thing that I need to work on is what comes before and after the story. Partly, in case I decide to write a prequel and a sequel, and partly so that the characters all seem more real.

Per Foster-Harris, I need to add "movement and feeling." I also need to add "tags" that distinguish both appearances and mannerisms, force and resistance.

So, I'll be putting in a lot of desk-time over the next several weeks. Am I ready?

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