Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Anticipation--upcoming brunch with a beta reviewer

I'm having brunch with one of my extra-special beta reviewers on Friday.  I have soo many questions for her:

What did she like / what didn't she like?
Where does she recommend that I revise to expand / contract / remove?
Does the plot make sense?
Does she see a clear genre?
Is the voicing truly consistent?
Does my main character grow as someone who is fourteen years old and on a grand adventure would grow?  (Of course I think so, but does someone else see what I see?)
Is the world that I've created interesting and engaging?
Is the main mystery answered by the end of the book?
Are there enough unanswered questions for a second book? For a series?
...and the biggest question of all....Would she purchase this if it were in hardcover with brilliant artwork and in a pretty display case in a bookstore?

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