Saturday, June 11, 2011

Beta reader feedback

Yes, she liked it!!!

Beginning and end were good--middle needs some additional action and a hint of romance.
Voicing is good, though my use of past-perfect verb tense needs to be cleaned up (figures, since my last English class at that level of study of verb tenses was way too many years ago).
A few unanswered questions need to be cleaned up. I can do that pretty easily to make this a stand-alone book, with just one or two unanswered questions to leave the possibility of a second book.

I have 3 more beta copies out there that I should have back by the end of June. That gives me July for revisions and then off to another round of querying by August, if all goes well.

While I'm waiting for queries to come back, I can pick up my pen and write a song or two.

And all this while I have a DH and two DS and a more than full-time job. Multitasking is a way of life for me. Does anyone really do one thing at a time anymore?

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