Monday, June 13, 2011

The Bleary-eyed Editor

Yup, that's me. Ten chapters of light revisions completed in a single sitting. I must be excited to get to another round of queries. Or insane. Or maybe both!

Of course, there is more to do after the edit: synopsis and writing a prize-winning query letter. And, the best part, researching and selecting agents or agencies.

Then, there's decision-making: whether or not to send out exclusive queries. Does anyone have any experience with serial querying and how long to give an agent or agency to respond to an exclusive?

I'm thinking 3 weeks on the first query, and then (hopefully!) 3 weeks on a partial, and up to 6 weeks on a full.

Please let me know what your experiences have been.

Note: Due to the nature of my day-job, I must moderate comments before releasing to my blog.


  1. I have not actually queried anything other then submitting short stories- I do not think that counts. However- I wish you the best of luck in the process.

  2. Good job, Michelle! That's a lot of editing!

    I haven't noticed a time pattern with agents and queries/partials/fulls. Every agent has a different timeline. Some are super fast, some take six weeks with a query.

    Best of luck to you! That's exciting. :)


  3. Summer--thanks.

    Amy--that's some good guidance. I'll have to pick my queries carefully.


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