Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Chapter 8

Tonight I'm celebrating!!! Just passed the 5,000-word mark. Whoop!!!!

My book is at its unofficial 1/2-way point of the first draft. I just wrote a party scene with some dragons in it. (Bet you're curious how I managed to work dragons into the book!)

We're about to enter another key revelation chapter, or is it the creation of a major problem? Stay tuned and I'll find out tomorrow as I come back to write yet another chapter.

My new and very selfish goal is to complete the first rough draft prior to Spring Break, so that my two biggest fans can read and comment before I re-write.

In other notes, attended my first diabetes support group meeting tonight. Was diagnosed in January. Glad to not be alone as I learn new ways to live. The best parts about my new life are that I get to eat carbs! Yay! And I get to snack before I exercise, and I can use my glucose meter to figure out if I'm really hungry or just stressing.

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