Saturday, October 23, 2010

Little-known Talents

We all have our little-known talents, the ones that we keep mostly to ourselves and never ever share, unless hard-pressed to tell. Sometimes these talents are unexpected gifts, and sometimes we work very hard at them. Today's the day to share those talents, tell the world, or at least the dozen or so readers of my blog.

My unexpected gift talent: curly hair. My hair was wavy until I had my sons. Now it's curly. In rainy weather, it's frizzy. The up-side is that my hair is never, ever flat.

My talent that took many years of practice: veggie stir-fry. I can chop and fry up a yummy set of veggies. Took years to develop good knife skills, and years longer to not over-season the mix. Today's lunch was a stir-fry in light olive oil of portabella mushrooms, yellow peppers, celery, and carrot, seasoned with lite soy sauce and ume plum vinegar, and finished with sliced garlic, sliced green olives, and fresh lime juice, all served over a bed of baby field greens.


  1. Oh, thanks for making me hungry!! I love stir fry. Mmmm.

    I also have curly hair, but it's less curly now after children than it was in my teenage/early adult years. Funny how hormones effect these things.

    Other talents? I can touch my tongue to my nose. Does that count? :)


  2. Amy, yes, definitely! Thanks for playing along. Can't wait to hear about more of our hidden talents.


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