Friday, October 29, 2010

Top Five Procrastinations

For Top Five this week, I decided that it would be a really great idea to get my procrastinations down in writing, so that I can be sure to not commit to them. I typically don't do the tasks that I put down on paper, unless I'm forced to do them.

So, with that logic, typing out my procrastinations must drain them of their power. I'm gearing up for NaNoReMo, starting on Monday. I'm giving myself one month to turn 29,000 words into 50,000 words or more!

With no further introduction, here are my top five procrastinations, in no particular order.

--I'm too (tired/hungry/frazzled)!
--The (insert room or item here) needs (cleaning/folding/fixing).
--It's too noisy!
--I have to finsh X Project or Y task for work.
--My (pet, child, Dear Hubby) wants to play.

Hmmm, maybe I won't ignore Dear Hubby on that last one. ;-)

Are you ready for November?

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  1. Just a quick follow-up. I missed the one about "I don't know where I'm going with the story differently than it already flows." Hoping to have that worked out soon.


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