Monday, October 18, 2010

Stretch Goals

Last week, I set a goal for myself to query one agent per day.  That lasted precisely 4 days.   (In case anyone's wondering, yes, I did receive a rejection...haven't heard from the rest, yet).

Agent #5 asks for complicated details...I just can't whip this one together, nor do I want to.  Based on the feedback from lots of folks at the First 250 Words blogfest (Thank you Elle Strauss), I need to rewrite the beginning just a little.

So...there will be a slight delay on Agent Query #5, while I do a minor rewrite of the first 10 pages, and also shrink the synopsis into a single page.


  1. Sounds good! Though I think it's nice to have your letters out there, I also believe it's pointless to query just for the sake of querying. If you can strengthen the story further, that's so much more important! ^.^

  2. Hi Michelle,
    I sent a ton out in Sept and OCt. Have heard back from exactly three since. Slow going, isn't it??

  3. Marieke, I agree--the time to hone my craft is now.

    Terri, hope you get good news soon!


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