Tuesday, April 3, 2012

First trip to the Grocery Store

First trip to the grocery store with my new eating rules.  It was very frustrating to read packaged food labels, to say the least.
Most processed foods do not follow these simple rules:
Fat, less than 20 percent of calories
Salt, no more grams then overall calories (1:1 ratio).  Can go higher for minimally-used condiments.
No added hydrogenated, trans, or saturated fats
No added sugars in first 3 ingredients.  Having several different sugars listed as ingredients 4,5,6 also is bad.
Only whole grains.
Reasonable portion size.  (i.e. small bag should be listed 1 portion, not 4)

For dry cereals, I bought Quaker Oats (old fashioned), and bite-sized shredded wheat.  For side-dishes, I found some store-brand 10-minute multi-grain mixes to try.  I purchased one of each.

For milk substitute, I picked up the store-brand, all-natural almond milk.  It will be difficult to think of this as a condiment and use only on cereal and as a creamer.  Wonder if I can use it in baking?

Of course, I purchased lots of different greens and some dried beans.  Found a new one -- Mayocoba.  Looks like they are also known as Canary beans, and should make a delish dip.

For bread, I picked low-sodium Ezekiel bread from the freezer section.  It's pretty good toasted with some Gerber baby prunes spread on top as jam.  Ann E. at last weekend's conference told me that the organic baby prunes have tuna oil in them, so I bought the regular ones.  Why baby prunes?  Only one ingredient--prunes!

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