Monday, April 9, 2012

The Hunger Signals G.a.m.e.s.

Blogging a bit about hunger signals tonight.  Specifically, what I typically confuse with hunger and also what crazy indicatations I get of fullness (instead of feeling full).

I'm not experiencing true hunger when:
1) I'm actually thirsty.
2) My blood sugar is high-normal, even though my stomach is empty.
3) I'm craving a specific food.
4) I'm craving a second helping of the same food, just for the taste.

I'm done eating when:
1) I lose interest in what I'm eating. 
2) The food starts to taste yukky, when it tasted wonderful a few bites earlier. 
3) I get a quick twinge of "maybe I'm full?" that passes if I happen to take a few more bites. (oops!)
4) I stand up AND THEN feel full. 


  1. I always have to remind myself that if I want seconds just because the food is tasty, I need to be done! At that point, I'm usually full even if I don't realize it.

  2. Shallee, you're so right. That one is difficult for me, too. Seconds. We're such a "more is better" society.


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