Monday, April 2, 2012

A New Direction - My Journey to Healthy

I live in a land where bar-b-que is king.  All restaurant meals and all school meals contain either simple carbs or animal products.  Usually both.

I choose to be different.  Today is day 3 of eating Plant Strong & Plant Perfect.  This is an experiment in my health.

On day 1, I was wild with hunger and cravings.   By day 2, my blood sugar had stabilized, and I actually felt true hunger before dinner.   The first two days of meals were provided for me at a Farms to Forks conference.  

Today is the first day that I'm "on my own" with the new tools that have been given to me to help me live my life heathlier.  I thought about creating a new blog, but then decided that since I was taking a break from writing fiction, I might as well re-purpose my blog for a bit of very personal non-fiction.  My experiment in me will be an emotional roller-coaster, full of challenges.

My first challenge came quickly -- breakfast.   Even the Arrowhead Mills amaranth flakes that I had purchased prior to this weekend were sweetened with fructose.  All the oatmeal in the house has sugar in it, even my Dr. MacDougall's, and my Natures Own whole wheat bread has too much sodium and sugar.  So, what did I do?  I had a meal of cooked frozen corn, rinsed low sodium kidney beans, and a cup or so of frozen veggies (broccoli, cauli, carrot, red pepper, onion, squash).  Steamed it and topped it with Mrs. Dash table blend.

For dinner, there's a crockpot of dried black beans with green pepper, onion, handful of diced carrotts, lots of garlic, dried chives, and dried parseley, seasoned with only black pepper and no salt.  I'll serve that up with some brown rice from the pantry.

There's some chicken defrosting in the fridge for the rest of my family to eat.

Wonder what I'll have for lunch today?  Absolutely NO IDEA.  Yet.

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  1. Lunch was beans, brown rice, spinach, mushrooms, and a romaine and tomato salad. It was OK. Need to kick up seasonings a bit when not cooking w/salt. I'll learn as I go.


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