Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Book two title and research

For Book One, my title was aleady selected, with the website names reserved before I even put one word to paper. Book two's title is proving to be rather elusive. I could do a play on words, selecting something that rhymes with Interstellar Creations, or I could simply name the book, Interstellar Creations Book Two: (book title goes here).

Haven't decided which I like better. So, instead of writing, tonight I did a little research reading. My research reading is titled, "Podkayne of Mars.". It's a coming-of-age young adult science fiction book by Robert Heinlein, copuright 1963. "Poddy" may have inspired other authors and script-writers to write stronger female charaters. It's this strength of conviction that I truly want to capture in Book Two.

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