Friday, September 10, 2010

Feature Friday - Michelle Vann

Today is my first Feature Friday, and to kick this off in style (!) I've decided to profile myself.

I was born in the Southwest, grew up in the Pacific Northwest, graduated from college in the wonderful state where I now reside, and also worked in the Midwest and Southeast. I have family in the Northeast, so I have seen a lot of this great nation!

I'm happily married and have two children in middle school (Jr High).

My day job keeps me very busy, working from my home office.

One thing to share is that my hair color and hair style change almost as often as my moods!

I live with my family, an inside cat, and an outside dog. We keep a coop of hens for farm-fresh eggs.

I'm currently serving as a chorister, or music leader, at Church.

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