Monday, September 13, 2010

Manic Monday - Choosing the plotlines for book two

I'm finding that I have enough minor plotlines to fill several books. That's probably good news for anyone but a novice writer!!!

All of my possible possible major and minor plotlines are being written onto notecards so that I can arrange them in any order that might make sense.

From what I'm reading out in Internet author discussions, I also need to start my character notebook, so that I can keep names and physical characteristics consistent from book to book.

So, the essence of this Manic Monday is a push to develop the plot arcs for books two and three.

The only challenge is that my target audience may change, based on what any potential editor might want. My current book draft is for the 8-12 year-old advanced readers, but could be expanded and enhanced for the next level of reader. Not sure if I should target books 2 and 3 for Young Adults (YA)?

Decisions, Decisions.

Late-night update: Major plot-lines are now identified for books 2 and 3, with oodles of minor plotlines to choose from. Using index cards worked out pretty well!

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